Frequently Asked Questions

Should I refinish my floors or replace them?
Hardwood floors can last decades, but they will experience wear and tear. Over time, you may have to decide whether to refinish or replace. Your decision will depend on several factors.

Generally, it is less expensive to refinish – especially with the rising cost of wood! Refinishing allows you to update your floors or change the look with new stain and finish. Plus, you can easily replace warped planks and stains during the refinishing process.

Quality floors can be refinished up to eight times.

How do you achieve 98% dustless floor refinishing?

We took a long time researching our dust extractor system. We wanted something that could be set-up in a small space indoors or in a covered space outdoors. It had to be environmentally friendly and quiet. After much searching, we found the Oneida Cobra, a HEPA-certified system that uses two industrial-grade filters and cyclone technology to collect the dust efficiently and effectively.  

We have also retrofitted all our machines with special materials that stop dust from becoming airborne during the sanding process. Overall, there is no comparison to our old way of doing things. Our dustless system is 15x cleaner than traditional cloth bag systems, which leave your floors cleaner and saves you valuable money and time.

Why is dust a concern?
First and foremost: if not properly contained, super fine dust from sanding machines will make it into every corner of your home. It can take weeks and even months to clean after the refinishing process is complete.

Wood floor dust is also hazardous to your health. Part of the process involves removing an existing finish, which may have been applied decades ago and are very toxic. Without proper care, everyone in your household would be breathing in very dangerous chemicals and substances.

Dust also impacts the quality of the finish. Without a proper dust extraction system, it is almost guaranteed that the final coast of the finish will get dusty. Your newly refinished floors shouldn’t be left with bumps and debris.

Dust has always been a challenge in our work, but advancements have been made and Ottawa Comfort Flooring is on top of them to ensure our clients are happy, comfortable, and safe.

Which finish should I choose?

The finish on your floor helps protect it from wear and moisture. The layers also accentuate the wood’s natural beauty and provide a nice sheen. As wear occurs on the floor, you can rest assured knowing that it is the finish – not the wood – that is wearing away. There are two common types of finishing liquid: oil-based and water-based.

Oil-based was the most used surface finish in the past. It is durable and beautiful when applied, but it also has high VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means it is becoming more limited. Additional downsides of oil-based finish is that it takes a long time to dry and leaves a strong smell.

Water-based finishes, on the other hand, are fast-drying and are more wear-resistant than most oil-based finishes. There are no solvents released as it cures – only water vapour. They have the lowest VOC levels and many of them have built in UV inhibitors so your floor won’t change colours as fast as it might with an oil-based finish.

Here are Ottawa Comfort Flooring, we recommend using a water-based finish.

How should I care for my newly refinished floors? How can I prolong the finish?
We recommend you clean your floors regularly – vacuuming, sweeping, or dust mopping – to maintain the floor finish, ideally once a week. We also encourage you to use cleaning products that leave no residue. Specifically, we recommend Loba or Bona products.

If you spill anything on your floor, clean it up quickly with a soft damp or dry cloth. We also recommend you put felt pad floor protectors on the bottom of your furniture and avoid sliding it at all costs.

Finally, we encourage you to keep an eye on the humidity in your home – ideally it is kept between 35% and 55% year-round. Drastic changes in humidity will cause wood floors to swell, warp, and even crack over time. A humidifier will help stabilize the condition of your floors, especially in the winter months when the house is dry!

“I have worked with Bogdan for over 10 years on my own personal homes and have referred him to many clients. Not only is he, in my opinion, one the best flooring refinishers in Ottawa, he is always honest and professional and will get the project done on time and on budget. He knows his profession inside and out and I have no problem Ottawa Comfort Flooring a glowing recommendation. You will not be disappointed!”

– Kim, Ottawa ON

“Top quality work done quickly and efficiently. Bogdan was a pleasure to have around and showed up on time. His advice on how to refinish the floors was appreciated and helped with a great end product. Highly recommend!”

– Roger, Ottawa ON

“Bogdan was the right person for the job! His equipment is new and up to date so a minimum of dust. I was undecided about the colour, so Bogdan did five samples for me and we agreed on a colour that he mixed especially. The outcome was amazing! I am completely satisfied with the new look”

– Moira, Kanata ON